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Wireless Broadband.
Utilizing the latest technology in broadband Internet services you can experience faster downloads and "always on" connections with our wireless broadband services.
Computer repair, network consulting, virus removal and more. Our in-house technicians put their experience to work for you. Web Hosting.
More than just a place to host your web site, we offer a variety of services that let you worry about running your business, not your web site.

Internet Access and more since 1996
NetEase has always remained consistent with our promise to deliver quality services at a reasonable price. That is still true today with high speed connections starting at $29.95 for basic service. NetEase is committed to providing our customers with Internet Access and customer service that cannot be found anywhere while minimizing cost increase that are common with other carriers. No hidden fees!

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Computer Repair, Network Consulting and more
Our years of experience providing Internet access has also provided us with years of experience in computer repair, virus removal and network consulting that we offer at competitive rates. These services are not limited to NetEase Internet Access customers. Trust your computer to a name trusted in the business for 18 years.

Are you sharing files online with other computers?
Until recently, attaching files to an email was the most popular form of sharing files online. Unfortunately, due to several limiting factors, this can often be a problem when the files are too big. This also becomes a problem when you need to share that file with several users. With the latest boom of online file sharing services, it is a little confusing to know which one would be the best solution for you.

TopTenREVIEWS offers a nice side by side comparison of the most popular file sharing services. This is good reference for those trying to decide which would work best. One service that is not mentioned in their reviews is OneDrive. Formerly known as SkyDrive. has a nice article comparing OneDrive to other cloud services. If you are sharing Microsoft Office files like Excel Worksheets or Word Documents, OneDrive has a definite plus using MS Office Online directly from your online OneDrive.

Our technicians can assist you in choosing the right file sharing solution and demonstrate how to utilize cloud services get the most from your experience. Contact our office at 731-845-5640 and make a appointment today.

Windows XP Support has gone away. Have you upgraded?
April 8, 2014 Microsoft officially discontinued support for Windows XP. Windows XP has been a favorite operating system for many users for the past 12 years. With so many new technologies available, it is no longer feasable for Microsoft to continue support for XP so many users are scrambling to see what their options are.

Our technicians understand the frustration of moving to a new computer. Will I lose my pictures? What about my e-mail? My settings? If you have purchased a new computer or you are looking to upgrade to a newer operating system, call us at 731-845-5640 to make a appointment to have us migrate your files to your new computer. We will take the frustration out of making the change.

Additionally, our in-house technicians can provide assistance in helping you learn how to get around your new operating system.

Click here for information from Microsoft about XP support ending.

Prevent your e-mail account from being compromised
There are many reasons to maintain a strong password for your e-mail. It is also important that your e-mail password is not the same as other passwords you use online. And it is even more important that your do not give that password to anyone or allow online services to use your e-mail password.

Within the last week we have caught compromised e-mail accounts where attempts were made to send mass amounts of unsolicited e-mail through the compromised account. Our only course of action is to immediately disable the e-mail account until the user can be contacted and a new password set. In at least one case, the account had been compromised by online submission of their e-mail address and password to a online service to access their address book. Although we are aware that there are valid services that offer to utilize your address book, we strongly advise against it. In fact, with our web mail service, this will simply not work.

If you utilize e-mail services through NetEase, you can change your password via our web mail interface. Once logged in, click the block in the top right corner and choose Settings. We suggest you change your password often and use aggressive passwords.

Click here for tips on preventing your e-mail account from being hacked.

Updated Invoices
Effective February 1, 2014, customers will experience a new look with their monthly invoices. We have teamed up with FreshBooks to deliver your invoices to you and offer more payment options.

Computer CleanupComputer Running Slow?
Like cars, computers need occasional maintenance and cleanup. Bring your computer to a name trusted in the industry for over 15 years. NetEase Technical Staff can clean up your computer and install tools to assist in fighting spyware and other problems that slow down the performance of your computer.

We have moved!
After 16 years at our 39 Tennessee Avenue South location in Parsons, we have relocated our offices to a new address. Our new offices are located at 2210 Highway 641 South Unit 5, Parsons, TN. Just minutes from our old location, go south on Tennessee Avenue and we will be on the right next door to the Decatur County Animal Clinic. Our mailing address is still PO Box 55 and our phone number is still the same. We invite you to come by our new office and see what progress we have made.

Got a new iPhone or iPad?
With just a few simple steps you can set up your iPhone or iPad to access your e-mail through NetEase.

Click here for instructions

Phishing Attempts
What is a Phishing Attempt? Phishing is usually associated with bogus e-mails or web sites that attempt to obtain personal information, including account information, banking information and more. We urge customers to learn how to identify phishing attempts so they can deal with them accordingly. In regards to e-mail attempts, if you ever receive e-mails claiming to be from NetEase, keep in mind that NetEase will never request ANY personal or financial information via e-mail.

Get more done in less time...
NetEase offers Fixed High Speed Internet service in select areas. Offering download speeds up to 20mbps in certain areas! Our Fixed Wireless Broadband offers an "always on" connection with no additional connection from your phone or cable company. From web browsing to bandwidth hungry applications such as VOIP, we have the connection to fit your needs.

Click here for more information and availability