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Proactive Actions

NetEase maintains strict policies on abusive behavior towards our customers and their connections. In addition to initiating several security methods to protect our customers, we actively monitor all network connections to ensure that violations are kept to a minimum.

The following are steps that have been taken to assist in making our customers browsing experience more enjoyable. This should not be relied on as a sole security measure and we still encourage users to review our security tips for more ways to secure their connection.

Port Blocking - Several ports that may exist on your computer are not required for normal Internet activity. These ports include Windows Netbios ports and other known ports which may have been inadvertently turned on for your connection. For a full list of ports which are blocked please contact

SMTP Blocking - SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is used to send mail on the Internet. NetEase maintains multiple gateways that accept SMTP connections from servers sending mail to our users. Through proactive monitoring and abuse response we are able to block connections from identifiable spammers and abusive mailers. In many cases this may be as simple as rejecting the message prior to entering our system. In other cases this requires refusing connections to our servers via a firewall which makes our mail gateways practically non-existant to offending systems.

Our mail gateways reject an average of 10-15,000 messages per day.

Mail filtering - In addition to providing users with filtering tools to rid their mailbox of un-wanted messages, we also maintain server-wide filter list that sorts out offensive or abusive mail. AntiVirus scanning of incoming mail helps prevent known malicious trojans and viruses from reaching your mailbox as well. (Please note: If you forward your mail to another e-mail address the forward will be processed prior to filtering. Therefore offensive e-mails will not be subject to filtering if they are forwarded automatically).

Firewall Protection - NetEase servers and internal networks are secured from malicious users utlizing unique firewall protection. This means your customer information as well as mail and web services are protected.

Proactive Monitoring - Our technicians monitor all servers and systems around the clock to make sure that the services you need are available at all times. This monitoring includes reviewing attempted abuse as well as potential security problems that our customers may be experiencing. In the event we believe that your connection is attemtping to create problems for other users we will inform you immediately.

If you have any questions regarding the above procedures please contact