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Virus and Hoax Alerts

IMPORTANT NOTICE!! We have noticed several attempts from malicious e-mails targeted at our customer base posing as NetEase System Administration or NetEase Customer Service asking for username and password information. Please be aware that NetEase NEVER will ask for user information like this. Please forward any such phishing e-mails to and disregard. We do make every attempt to stop such activity, but there are always exceptions that make it past our filters.

No one likes to get a virus or trojan on their computer. Unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of malicious files floating around out there and they are not always going to announce their selves as trouble until they have done their damage. The NetEase Policy Center does not maintain a list of viruses or trojans that are out there, however as the need arises we will try to warn users of the possibility of trojans, viruses or hoaxes that have escalated to widespread status.

We encourage users to obtain a good virus detection program such as Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010, Norton Anti-Virus, Central Command or McAfee Virus Scan and keep the virus definitions updated. We strongly recommend that you discuss preferences with friends or research the web to decide which one is right for you.

NetEase utilizes Central Command Vexira MailArmor on incoming and outgoing mail to provide another layer of protection to your mailbox. If our AntiVirus Gateway detects a virus headed for your Inbox you will be notified via e-mail. Do not be alarmed. The notification is just a courteousy to let you know you are protected. We remind our customers that this is still not total protection from viruses or trojans as some malicious code is transmitted through other means such as chat programs, file share programs and various other Internet utilities. Users should always take precautions to protect their PC from malicious programs.

Central Command and Vexira are trademarks of Central Command, Inc.

As we are made aware of widespread trojans, viruses or hoaxes that are being spread on the Internet, we will try to post information here. We will also post notices of changes to this site on the NetEase News Flash page.

Please note that the NetEase Policy Center does not post information concerning random scares or hoaxes unless it is noted that the offending messages are having an impact on our subscribers. Read more about Hoaxes on the Internet at the Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center.