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Why Chain Letters Are Not A Good Thing

If you have been using e-mail very long you have probably already seen one of the many chain letters that are floating around. Whether it be a tear-jerking letter about a dying little boy that will get 5 cents for every e-mail that is forwarded or one making you believe you will get a case of M & M's for simply forwarding the letter, they are chain letters that are nothing more than a waste of your time and bandwidth. However thousands of users forward millions of chain letters on a daily basis. Why not? With the speed and cost of electronic e-mail it only takes a few minutes to forward literally hundreds of chain letters.

Unfortunately chain letters are also illegal. More so if they involve any type of postal mail. For example, the chain letters that request you to send one dollar for a credit report or something similar.

And there are those chain letters which appear to be harmless which do not ask for money or to do anything other than forward the message to as many people that you can. Some promising great things merely in exchange for forwarding the e-mail to 10 of your best friends. Hate to burst your bubble, but Gap is not going to send you any new jeans, you will not get a case of M & M's in the mail and Microsoft is not going to write you a check for simply forwarding the e-mail.

We have listed here some links to information about chain letters. Including ones that our Policy pages have featured in the past. Though there are thousands of varieties of chain letters floating around the Internet we strongly suggest you think about it before you forward material like this.

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