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These instructions are for setting up a dial up connection on Windows 7 and do not apply to broadband customers.

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Windows 7If you have purchased a new computer with Windows 7 on it you can use the NetEase Quick Setup to setup your computer or if you would like to set up your Internet Connection manually follow these instructions. DO NOT use the older NetEase setup disc to configure your Internet settings as there will be a conflict with the newer software.

  1. Click the Windows Button (Start Button)
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Network & Internet Options.
  4. Click Click the Internet Options Link.
  5. Click the Connection Tab at the top.
  6. Click the Set Up button.
  7. Enter the appropriate dial up number for your respective area:
    Decatur/Henderson County: 845-5285
    Wayne County: 722-6700
  8. Enter your Username and Password into their respective boxes. You will need to re-enter the password in the second password box. Click Next to continue.
  9. Make sure Remember this password is checked.
  10. Type NetEase into the Connection name box.
  11. Click Connect.
  12. If your computer is not connected to a phone line, the Internet connection will report it was unsuccessful. Click Set up connection anyway.
  13. If your computer connects, you can now browse the Internet.
  14. Click Close to get out of the wizard.
  15. Close any other open windows that are not needed.

You're Finished! You can click Start, then Internet Explorer to open your browser, then click Connect in the dialup connection box that appears to begin the connection process.

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